A note from our CEO

"When I look at my life, the most important job I've held is the one I've been doing since I was a kid. My mother was diagnosed with a chronic condition when I was 9. I spent 28 years immersed in healthcare in one of the most personal and comprehensive ways possible. As a result of our broken and complex healthcare system I served every possible role for my mom, from caregiver and advocate, to nurse and therapist. This experience was profoundly challenging for both of us, testing our resolve and spirit countless times."

"Yet, what has surprised me most is discovering that my experience is by no means unique. There are millions of people who are similarly struggling. From managing medications, deciding about treatment options, managing appointments and doctors, not to mention dealing with the financial, insurance, and long-term implications, the healthcare maze is simply too complicated."

Lindsay Jurist-Rosner

Our Founders

Professional headshot photo of Lindsay Jurist-Rosner
Lindsay Jurist-Rosner
CEO · Co-Founder
Professional headshot photo of Kevin Roche
Kevin Roche
CTO · Co-Founder

Our core values


We respond and take action quickly and thoughtfully


We have never-take-no, never give up, squeaky wheel mindsets


We look for ways to help, acknowledge, and celebrate our team members


We're hungry for improvement and comfortable making mistakes


We have investigative attitudes, ask “why,” and seek answers when there are questions


We live out our mission every day and with every interaction

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