The majority of your members have caregivers or are caregivers

Caregiving can be all-encompassing. That’s why Wellthy provides members with hands-on support and training to help caregivers confidently care for their loved one, access the right resources at the right time, reduce stress, and stay healthy for longer. 

The average annual healthcare costs for caregivers vs. non-caregivers
1 in 4
Caregivers delay their own care or do not do things to maintain their health
4.5 years
The average duration of a caregiving situation

Real humans, modern tech for your health plan members

Personalized, human expertise combined with innovative technology to help care recipients age in place and support family caregivers as the bedrock of our healthcare system.

Dedicated Care Professionals
Our team of carefully matched Care Coordinators includes Master’s-level social workers, nurses, psychologists, and more. They help families navigate all facets of the care journey and get things done on their behalf.
Care Dashboard
Our innovative platform keeps appointments, contacts, conversations, documents, and tasks in one place, and enables anyone involved in the recipient's care to stay in the loop.
Care Network
Wellthy’s vetted, trusted, and expansive network of over 100,000 service providers who can support families with all aspects of care. 
Wellthy Community
Our online peer space empowers family caregivers to find support, exchange knowledge, and make the caregiving journey less isolating and lonely.

Let's work together

For MA Plans

  • Increased scalability and support for a care recipient’s entire care circle

  • Reducing administrative burdens that can stall, delay, or prevent care

  • Improved quality of life and health for members

  • Increased cost savings for plans and an improved member experience

What Wellthy Delivers

  • A minimum 20% reduction in emergency room visits

  • An average 90% reduction in caregiver stress and burnout

  • A depth of expertise from completing 120,000+ care projects for families

  • An average of 57 personal touch points with each caregiver

Wellthy's holistic caregiving support

Wellthy’s model considers all of the variables of care beyond just medical needs. And we aren’t just resource providers — we make the calls, schedule the appointments, fill out the paperwork, and do the tasks for families that can often be administrative or logistical barriers to care.


Power of Attorney, Advance Directives, Wills


Social Security, Benefits, Insurance, Medicaid Redetermination


Physical and Mental Health Providers, Prescriptions, Records


Home Health Aides, Respite Care, Transportation, Meal Delivery


Living Facilities, Transitional Care, Rehab, Moving Services


Health Related Social Needs, Community-Based Services

Making an impact that changes lives

Everyone's care journey is unique. Our world-class service model is designed to support members and their families in a high-touch, personalized way.

NPS® score

“At times, it seems like the healthcare industry is intentionally complex in hopes that the end user will just give up and accept defeat, unnecessary cost, or both. The help we've received in navigating the complexities has been an incredible timesaver. I will absolutely be using Wellthy in the future.”

On how Wellthy helped his family navigate care

See how Wellthy can create a better member experience

Don’t just take our word for it — see for yourself how Wellthy’s world-class Care Team and technology can support your members navigating:

  • Dementia

  • Chronic Conditions

  • Neurological Conditions

  • Palliative Care

  • Aging in Place

  • Transition of Care

  • End of Life

  • And More

Illustration - Taking care-3

“You have provided a level of support to me that I did not think possible in this day and age. You are able to get information that I can't get and make things happen that I can't make happen. You get the ball rolling where it is set in concrete when left to my devices alone. But what matters most, is you care. You truly care about my problems and my success.”

On how Wellthy supports her family's care journey

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