Families need help caring for one another

Support your members who are playing an integral, but often unacknowledged, part in the healthcare system.

1 in 5
Over 20% of American adults serve as family caregivers
An additional 20 million people become new caregivers each year
Nearly all primary care providers say family caregivers play an important role in patient care

Let's work together

For MA Plans

  • Connect members to high-quality preventive and supportive services

  • Close quality gaps in Star Ratings

  • Reduce unnecessary and costly medical care

  • Increase member retention, engagement, and satisfaction

For Commercial Plans

  • Show real value to employer clients and their workforce

  • Improve employers' workforce productivity and retention

  • Relieve working family members of caregiving stress

  • Drive overall utilization of benefits

We’re here to help

Our care professionals consider all of the variables of care beyond just medical needs. And we aren’t just resource providers—we make the calls, get the appointments, fill out the paperwork, and do the doing that needs to get done.


Power of Attorney, Advance Directives, Wills


Social Security, Benefits, Insurance, Tax Deductions


Doctors, Prescriptions, Physical Therapy, Records


Safety, Home Care, Transportation


Senior Living, Moving Services, Short-Term Solutions

Social + Emotional

Support Groups, Social Activities, Memory Care

Real humans, modern tech

Wellthy combines technology with experienced care professionals to deliver affordable, scalable and compassionate care to all families.

Dedicated Care Professionals
Our team of carefully matched Care Coordinators includes Master’s-level social workers, nurses, psychologists, and other health professionals.
Care Dashboard
Our modern platform keeps appointments, contacts, tasks, conversations, and documents in one place.
Advanced Technology
We use advanced algorithms to match our care professionals with families, and automate workflows to get tasks done fast.
Privacy & Security
We offer HIPAA compliance and bank-level encryption to ensure top-level privacy and data security.

Experiences that make an impact

Everyone's care journey is unique. Our model is designed to support members and their families in a highly personalized way while delivering world-class service.

NPS® score

Wellthy helps members plan and learn, get things done, and feel less alone in their caregiving experience.

“My Care Coordinator has been fabulous and a great help to our family for over 1.5 years. She has saved us so much time researching things and following up on items for us. I would recommend Wellthy to anyone.”

Lori S.
on caring for her family

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