On-Demand Webinar

Uncovering “Hidden” Workers to Hire Untapped Talent and Improve DE&I

About the webinar

At a time when companies are struggling to hire, a growing number of unemployed or underemployed individuals are being “hidden” by automated hiring processes. Missing keywords and resume gaps are causing millions of otherwise qualified workers to be overlooked. Unsurprisingly, caregivers make up a significant portion of the hidden worker population.

During this fireside chat, we’ll hear from Joseph Fuller, Co-head of Harvard Business School’s Managing the Future of Work Project, about his new research, “Hidden Workers: Untapped Talent.”

You'll learn:

In this report, we share internal Wellthy data to uncover:

  • Who are the hidden workers, and why do companies consistently overlook large pools of talent?

  • How finding ways to hire hidden workers can improve workplace equity and diversity

  • Why having a strategy to support and retain caregivers and “hidden” workers once hired is just as important

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