On-Demand · 60 minutes

Wellthy presents: Navigating spoken and unspoken grief in care

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About the webinar

A care journey can be an isolating one, and the pain of losing or potentially losing a loved one only intensifies this sense of loneliness. In addition to loss of life, grief can come about around multiple issues, including seeing a loved one suffer or losing various abilities. Discussing grief and loss is an important step in gathering support from those around you when you need it most.

Watch our webinar where experts from Wellthy’s Care Team discuss the importance of letting yourself grieve, how to continue caring for another loved one while managing your grief, and ways to support others who are grieving.

You'll learn:

  • How to balance grieving the loss of a loved one while still taking care of someone

  • The importance of communicating grief to your support system and accepting help to maintain your mental health

  • How Wellthy can support you through the loss of a loved one, both logistically and emotionally

Our speakers

Haley Miller
Client Success Manager