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Wellthy presents: Planning for care expenses

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About the webinar

One of the most stressful aspects of being a caregiver or in a care situation is the expenses that come with it. However, there are ways to anticipate these unexpected costs through planning for the future. Whether you're currently in a caregiving situation or anticipate being in one in a few years, it’s never too early to start educating yourself on the expenses ahead.

Join our webinar where experts from Wellthy’s Care Team will share their favorite tips for planning for and saving on caregiving costs. While these conversations may be uncomfortable, it’s important to have them before a crisis occurs.

Webinar details:

Wednesday (April 24, 2024)

2:00 PM EDT / 11:00 AM PDT (45 minutes)

You'll learn:

  • About the different types of care scenarios you may need to plan for

  • Budgeting tools and discussion points for managing finances for a loved one or yourself

  • How to verify insurance coverage for procedures, appointments, and medications, and navigate the appeals process for insurance denials

  • How Wellthy can take financial tasks off your “to-do” list and examples of how we’ve helped families save thousands of dollars

Our speakers

Elodie Peay
Client Success Manager