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Wellthy presents: Caring for caregivers

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About the webinar

The responsibilities of family caregivers can be complex, emotionally taxing, and often overwhelming, especially when balanced with other life commitments. Whether you’re currently in a caregiving role, anticipate stepping into one, or have a caregiver in your life, understanding how to meet the needs of others, as well as your own, is vital for maintaining your mental health.

Join our webinar in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, where we’ll explore strategies for managing the needs of others and yourself. We’ll also touch on the importance of seeking help and building a support system early on.

Webinar details:

Wednesday (May 22, 2024)

2:00 PM EDT / 11:00 AM PDT (45 minutes)

You'll learn:

  • Strategies to manage stress, prioritize self-care, and prevent caregiver burnout

  • Techniques for having tough conversations with and delegating responsibilities within a caregiver’s support system

  • How to build a support team for the caregiver, whether that is yourself or someone else

  • How Wellthy supports caregivers by streamlining tasks and providing specialized assistance to free up your time

Our speakers

Kirsten Donoghue
Client Success Manager