On-Demand · 45 minutes

Navigating holiday stress as a family caregiver with Susanne White

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About the webinar

Balancing caregiving duties with the heightened emotions and responsibilities of the holiday season can intensify stress levels for family caregivers. As the festive period draws near, many face the dual challenge of ensuring their loved ones' well-being while also managing the expectations and demands that come with holidays.

Susanne White, author of Self-Care for Caregivers: A Practical Guide to Caring for You While You Care for Your Loved One, returns to provide guidance on navigating holiday stress without compromising one's own mental health. Watch our fireside chat with Susanne as she delves into the unique stresses the holiday season brings for caregivers.

You'll Learn

  • Strategies for balancing caregiving duties with personal well-being

  • Tools for setting boundaries and managing expectations with family members

  • How to cherish holiday moments while ensuring self-care remains a priority

Our speakers

Susanne White
Founder of Caregiver Warrior and author of Self-Care for Caregivers

Stephanie Mickschl
Director of Client Success