Webinar Recording

Creating a supportive work environment for caregivers

About the webinar:

About 3 in 4 employees face some type of caregiving responsibility, but they lack the support they need to manage it alongside their jobs. The time, stress, and financial costs of caregiving are increasingly pushing employees out of the workforce as the caregiving crisis grows. 

At Wellthy, this is a topic that is close to our hearts — not just because we’re on a mission to build a better caregiving experience for the families we serve, but because so many of us on the Wellthy team are caregivers ourselves. 

In this on-demand webinar recording, hear from Wellthy leaders about our own experiences shaping a workplace that works for caregivers. 

You’ll learn:

  • Wellthy’s unique, caregiver-centric culture and our approach to supporting the care needs of all employees
  • How we achieved an internal Wellthy utilization rate of more than 40%
  • How to translate these learnings into building an inclusive, caring culture at your organization
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