No matter what it is, who it's for, or how long you need it, we can help.

Health Conditions

For individuals and families with a tough diagnosis or ongoing condition, we provide partnership by:

  • Finding providers, scheduling appointments, contesting insurance bills

  • Navigating alternative treatment, clinical trials, and top research centers

  • Handling the transfer of medical records and tracking down referrals

  • Sourcing support groups and therapists

Special Needs

If your family has unique or intersectional needs, we can help you with advocacy, expertise, and partnership by:

  • Managing and sourcing aides and therapists

  • Navigating state and employer-sponsored benefits and coverage

  • Assisting with school decisions and transitions of care

  • Tracking down insurance approvals


For families with aging members dealing with all kinds of life changes, we provide assistance by:

  • Finding the right in-home aide or handling a move into a facility

  • Recommending local socialization programs

  • Setting up home modifications, meal delivery, and transportation

  • Helping the family find the right legal resource

  • Navigating Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Veterans' benefits

Mental Health

For those struggling with depression, anxiety, alcoholism, and other mental health issues, we offer ongoing help with:

  • Finding the right provider or in-patient/out-patient program

  • Navigating in-network and out-of-network options

  • Exploring alternative therapy options

  • Ongoing check-ins and support

Veteran Support

For our heroes and their families, we help get them the care they deserve by:

  • Helping veterans and caregivers gain access to benefits and providers

  • Navigating benefits and coverage offered through the VA and privately

  • Finding the right emotional support programs

  • Smoothing the transition from the military to private citizenship

Financial Hardship

For those hard-working families feeling financially strained, we offer relief by:

  • Advocating on appeals, bills, and financial aid applications

  • Exploring community-based resources and programs

  • Helping with a Medicaid or veteran's benefit application

  • Finding alternative payment options, medication discounts, and waiver programs


For families looking for quality, affordable childcare solutions that fit their needs, we help by:

  • Finding and vetting babysitters or nanny agencies

  • Researching tutors and supplemental learning options

  • Securing availability in after school programs, camps, and extracurriculars

  • Finding quality, affordable and reliable backup childcare options

  • Identifying financial support opportunities through local and state programs

Fine print and red tape be gone

Today's institutions are increasingly tricky to navigate. That's why it's nice to have someone in your corner who can handle the endless piles of paperwork for you.


Power of Attorney, Advance Directives, Wills


Social Security, Benefits, Insurance, Tax Deductions


Doctors, Prescriptions, Physical Therapy, Records


Safety, Home Care, Transportation


Senior Living, Moving Services, Short-Term Solutions

Social + Emotional

Support Groups, Social Activities, Memory Care

"As someone in the 'sandwich' generation who is dealing with raising my children and taking care of aging parents, I cannot be more thankful for a resource like Wellthy."

on caring for her parents

The extra family member you wish you had

Partner with a Wellthy care professional to offload tasks you dread, communicate on your terms, and customize plans that meet your needs.


Care Coordinator


Care Coordinator


Care Coordinator


Care Adviser


Care Adviser


Care Adviser

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