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Determining when an aging family member needs extra support

About the webinar

Changes that come with aging might happen gradually over time, or suddenly as a result of an event. Whatever the case, it’s often difficult for family members to know when it’s time to set an aging loved one up with extra support at home or in their day-to-day activities. 

Watch our webinar where Wellthy care experts will discuss common signs that it may be  time to step in and  assist aging loved ones with care, steps and resources.

You'll learn:

  • Signs to look out for that an aging loved one might benefit from extra care support

  • Tips for navigating age-related changes and resources for helping families do so

  • How Wellthy Care Coordinators can help your family with tasks related to caregiving, and how to get started with your sponsored access to our care coordination services


Elodie Machler
Client Success Associate



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