Webinar Recording

Navigating Healthcare Options for the LGBTQ+ Community

About the Webinar

The healthcare system is a vast, antiquated space that’s difficult for anyone to navigate, and it can be even more complicated for members of the LGBTQ+ community. Between researching providers that are LGBTQ+ friendly, finding gender-affirmative care, understanding adoption processes, and getting emotions/social support, it’s easy to feel both overwhelmed and discouraged.

Watch our webinar where we unpack the barriers faced by the LGBTQ+ community when navigating the healthcare systems in the US and UK, and how Wellthy supports these individuals in their health journey.

You'll learn:

  • Healthcare challenges facing the LGBTQ+ community

  • Resources that support LGBTQ+ individuals’ physical, emotional and mental well-being

  • The many ways that Wellthy can help members of the LGBTQ+ community navigate care

Webinar Recording


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