Prioritizing Caregiving Support for Employee Mental Health

Mental Health E Book
Caregiving is deeply intertwined with mental health. Easing the demands of caregiving for employees is one way employers can alleviate stress, anxiety, and burnout.

With 73% of all workers facing caregiving and/or parenting responsibilities, elevating the mental well-being of your workforce begins with your caregivers.

As part of the new approach to mental health, employers can play an important role by helping their caregiving employees with their challenges — and Wellthy is here to support you every step of the way.


In this ebook, we share:

  • The impact of caregiving on employee mental health / the caregiver mental health crisis

  • Why traditional mental health benefits aren’t the full answer for caregiving employees

  • How easing the demands of caregiving can help support the mental health of more of your workforce