Addressing social isolation and loneliness with loved ones

About the webinar

Meaningful relationships are central to our well-being as humans. Studies have shown that we live longer, healthier and happier lives when we are connected to others. However, as individuals age or experience health concerns, social interaction often decreases while loneliness increases.

Watch our webinar where Wellthy care experts discuss the importance of addressing social isolation with loved ones, how to recognize and mitigate signs of loneliness, and how Wellthy Care Coordinators can help with families navigating these concerns. 

You'll learn:

  • The difference between social isolation and loneliness, and the health effects of each

  • Tips for identifying social isolation and loneliness in your loved ones or yourself, and how to address it in a sensitive manner

  • How Wellthy Care Coordinators can help your family with tasks related to caregiving, and how to get started with your sponsored account


Allie Haaz
Client Success Associate



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